RH policy

Convinced that human capital is the determining factor for any success, VECOPHARM has defined a Human Resources Policy focused on the objectives of permanent development, which takes into account the expectations and aspirations of employees. The goal is the establishment of a corporate culture built on common values.

Our HR policy is based on the following founding principles:

A customized integration journey:

The main objectives for the collaborator are the understanding of the role he will play in the organization and his good integration into the company.

Function Definition:

Job descriptions are essential to enable employees to better understand the missions that are expected from them. They are benchmarks that promote the integration of each one within the team.

Annual and individual evaluation interviews:

They are a key step in a dynamic human resources management.

A moment of privileged exchanges between the employee and his/her hierarchy, the annual interviews promote the understanding of mutual expectations with a look at the previous year and a projection into the future.

They constitute an opportunity to evaluate the employee’s professional skills, to identify his/her strengths and areas for improvement with a view to performance and efficiency, in a desire to empower the employee, particularly by an appropriate reflection on his/her training course.

Professional Mobility:

It provides goals for progression, promotion, improvement of working conditions. The motivations are diverse:

  • Give a second wind to one’s career,
  • Access new functions,
  • Get closer geographically to your home and / or your family.

This professional mobility, encouraged and supported by the Management, is favored by the development of VECOPHARM and the regular distribution of positions available within the SUBSIDIARIES.

Progressive skills development:

  • At each stage of the professional career, the necessary means are put in place so that everyone can build on their skills and be accomplished within VECOPHARM: Adaptation training, customized training, certification, accompaniment by an expert collaborator, nomination in a new position, assignment of new responsibilities